Farmies are the free living dogs on farms in India and here are their stories!

  • Meet the Farmies
    This is the start of a series. An ethnography, if you will, of Cheeru and the free-living dogs around my farm – Chaita, Dude, Iti, Yaya, Elvis, Rita and Biscuit.
  • Does Elvis Sing?
    First, there was Elvis. He was Cheeru’s first friend in this place and I suspect he is still her favourite. Or perhaps Dude is her favourite. Do dogs have “favourites”?
  • Chaita and her avatars
    At first, she was called the “site dog”, who then became Sita or Syta and then the S softened to a Ch, just as our hearts softened for her. Thus she became Chaita and this is her story.
  • Play, love, friendships and rules
    Here we have a lovely video of three of the farmies engaged in play. How about a close examination and an analysis.
  • Giving dogs space to disagree gracefully
    What does respectful disagreement look like in dogs. Do we give our dogs opportunity to learn this? We focus so much on teaching dogs how to play, that we forget that healthy social relationships are also about knowing how to decline play and how and when to walk away from it.
  • Madonna’s Anger
    The dog who is barking is Madonna. Is Madonna a ferocious dog? Is she angry? What do we know about animal anger? What do we know about our own anger?